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Love & Marriage

LOVE & MARRIAGE A lot of problems are faced by people today with respect to love & Relationships. Problems between lovers, Parents & Children, Employee & Employer, Friends, Business Partners, obstacles in Marriage, to eradicate the bitterness caused by these problems and to ease the relationships we at have rituals that can be performed […]

Obstruction Removal

OBSTRUCTION REMOVAL Due to past Karma of a person, obstructions come in the form of finance, job, career, business, marriage, love, relationships, health occur in various ways. Luckily, we are blessed with solutions from our Vedic sciences to eradicate the obstructions caused to us. At we have experts who have decoded the ancient scriptures […]


HEALTH Today’s lifestyle and food habits have changed the lifespan of individuals and we are prone to many new diseases. At we have hand-picked rituals that could not only save you from day to day diseases but also help in increasing your lifespan. Selected rituals that are prescribed in the Vedas have been hand-picked […]


FINANCE Financial challenges and financial struggles are a day to day affair of life. Only the fortunate get blessed quickly and many other suffer many obstacles due to Karmic acts. In Astrological terms, financial destiny can be predicted for present and the future and the course of the destiny can be changed by performing rituals […]