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Success Over Enemies

SUCCESS OVER ENEMIES GET A FREE ENERGISED YANTRA / TALISMAN WITH THE HOMA Enemies are formed due to the outcome of our Karma. To win over enemies and protect ourselves from the evil eyes and mis-happening caused by our enemies it is mandatory to protect ourselves. This protection can be achieved only thru’ eradicating our […]

Special Pooja/ Rituals

POOJA/ RITUALS A Pooja is a ritual which is performed in the form of worship to a particular deity or deities. There are several types of Pooja rituals each dedicated to individual deity each giving various results. There are different rules to be followed for each Pooja to each deity like some have to be […]

Special Homa/ Yagna

HOMA/ YAGNA GET A FREE ENERGISED YANTRA / TALISMAN WITH THE HOMA A Homa or a Yagna is a Fire Ritual where we worship a particular deity through fire. Fire is the source of energy and it is an efficient and potent method to give our offerings to the deity and to seek the blessings. […]