gemini Daily Prediction for 21-10-2020


Don't count calories because that will lead to a very unhealthy obsession with your weight. Be healthy, and try to eat more intuitively.


You are never truly satisfied with how things are. This is something that you need to work on. Feel proud of the good things that you have done.

Personal Life

Married signs will feel very romantic and endearing towards their loved one. A healthy, loving relationship is all that a single Gemini sign will think about today. Sadly, that dream won't come true today.


You feel the power of Pluto today, and Pluto is the planet that governs where we feel powerless, but also drastic change. And that's exactly what you are looking for.


Your lucky numbers are 56 and 3 today. It's a good day to invest in the stock market.


Pack lightly if you are traveling today. Always have extra underwear and other necessities with you and not in the suitcase.