sagittarius Daily Prediction for 21-10-2020


Eat carefully. Cut back on the coffee today, and don't eat too many sweets or sugary foods because your stomach won't take it well.


Call your family and talk to them. When was the last time that you had a proper meal with people from your family?

Personal Life

You can be very loving and super sensitive. However, this isn't always the best thing. Some people just can't appreciate the fact that you are very in tune with your feelings and that's okay too.


You aren't in the place where you wanted to be with your career. It's going to get better and so will your finances. Keep in mind that your worth isn't determined by the amount of money that you earn.


With Jupiter sending you some good energy, so the numbers 38 and 12 are going to bring you lots of good fortune.


Be prepared for situations where you will have to pay for things that you haven't thought about. Traveling has a lot of hidden expenses.