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Jadavantes Look the french player xsoo IAmTheGoats _ ya know Stephen Viner is better. There are total of eight skins and two genders offered in fortnite. man the memories now I dont even play the game anymore Why was this suggested to me I dont watch fortnite or fortnite Scented Urine Either your joking hate website games or a pupg one This guys really popped a fifty then popped a slurp then popped another fifty!

Jesus what has this game become now I was nine waching this i miss it so much I think hes playing against little kids which is why it seems like he so good. CDN is no longer the king of dusty :( rip dusty Mann i really used to listen to this shit 3:02-3:04 shes way to fast at building Cant believe I listened to this in elementary school somehow.

Some people have played since the beginning My opinion the game is trash atm ut was way better back then thats why its and i played the game before this song came out and miss it Man I like to visit this song back to the good old days when tilted was still a thing 4 years later I still know the lyrics Never forget when the game was in its prime 4 years later i stiil listen to this masterpiece Just rewatched this and I remember I got hyped when I heard fortnite.

Please please please keep playing with SypherPK.

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