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Teathloac M. Everyone liked it,and now everyone hates it. Ragmop22 I think that only happens when ur aim is bad and u dont hit many pellets! the memories hit man I honestly wish we could just go back one last timethat chorus will never fail to give me chills brooooo Never new Delirious was so good at singing After all these years this song still is amazing and nostalgic.

How old days where i miss those days when fortinte was in seaon 3 and seoson 4 chapter 1 Back in season 1 when i had a shitty laptop i used to cry for a pc but had a great time. were here to watch the good fortnite times. u replied to my comment No Im watching this to make fun of it I feel so sad watching this as my best friend that had cancer died and the last time I played with him was on Fortnite listening to this song Yea it was mostly the tryhards and the toxic 9 year olds Turbo building and the pros ruined the game Heat fan no it didnt, bad graphics, he said theres no pun intended ננננננננננננננ Thx for this much likes!!!, WORLD HAS CHANGED SO MUCH, idk how He hit a guy with a gray pump for 220 Look at how much damage he does 2:35 And dont forgot THE FUCKing STORMS THAT ARE OP Its too the point now I just leave if its not a good circle so I could play for hours and only play like 2 matches Yeah because you get into bot lobbys The pump part I gotta disagree with, it was such a nice gun with the sound omg memorys Most tragic end for a good game נ I dont see how you can miss getting instantly killed by the worst rarity of a shotgun.

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