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People even had the balls to call the battle royale portion Fortnite, the guy probably makes 150-200k a month and hes still really happy about a 100 donation. At first they didnt believe that we actually played with screens and things in our hands back then instead of teleporting inside the game. Fast forward back, fixed bugs,etc Jaden Fernandez I know it was a essay his teacher assigned Season 4 made the map ugly because of the giant hole נ Exactly I played 2k too until I went back to fortnite I agree with your comment for the most part, Mercy Peace Ministry I dont find it fun I like the song and every I left a like on this website and I subscribed Callum Dohnt rip pls come back dusty Callum Dohnt dont forget the factorys!!!!!!.

Good ol dayz The game isnt trash, Someone who understands נננ It also has a higher skill ceiling where on console your are pretty much skill capped Alex Len thats a lie about ppl being worse ive seen ppl on pc pretty dumb Sergio Garcia thats where youre wrong. Good times man.

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