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CriticalTomatoes chill this game used to be so good Ive done that. This IS SO GUD WHEN ITS 1. Id play the game practically daily from chapter 1 season 1 onwards and only during season 1 of chapter 2 did I quit. It was still kinda good till season 9 showed up then season 10 was shit and 11 and 12 Remember watching this like an hour after it came out i couldnt even play it These old fortnite sounds bring back so many season 3 memories I remember when there was no cap on rocket ammo Omg, so glad hes back?

Theyre going to go all out lolš!!. I feel like I can safely watch fortnite again, now its just a bunch of tryhard builders and marvel skins running around so incredibly sad to see Played the new fortnite, lets see how many legends are listening to this masterpiece ā Who just randomly started singing it and then went straight to it When everyone was a noob.

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