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Wond øl kier noi l dh Pitt land g wokke Skill based matchmaking made the game less fun and LTMs arent even limited time anymore. I wish they bring an update to make the game go back to this Now we are at the 18 season. What you talking about star wars is great oje yeah the only reason you know about it is because of fodtnire Yeah your right it takes me 3 minutes to load a single game Well it isnt its made for teens but now most teens have realised how shit fn is now and only young kids play it BC they dont know about the og times I dont anymore but I remember off by heart JokerrYT You were looking at the toxic twitter community, all these crazy over exaggerated updates and changes to the game just make it not Fortnite anymore, and if I see a game thats fun.

Spook boi I mean one pump in the head is just what should happen not 93 damage Mohammad fadaie haha same with me!!!. I feel so old. IMO IMO IMO dont lash out at me cause i called ur game trash!

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