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There are much better Im sorry but there is more popular,higher quality and overall more important and enjoyable games than fortnite and 98 of the gaming community would most definitely agree I would say minecraft is still pretty good, Im wet, tbh i havent played much fortnite.

TigerHead FORTNITE I play season 5 its sooo cool TigerHead FORTNITE me I got battle pass as soon as It updated TigerHead FORTNITE no one. The pain I felt when I realised he couldnt swim through the water This brings back so many memories to when I was a camping bot in mobile. Obviously epic hasnt made the right choices some times but the storyline has been good and most ch1 seasons have been good because of updates Dawg, bring them back plz epic games I can tell he got scared when that guy started shooting him in the end, dont mind me I am just trying to find a comment thats from 2 years ago_ fortnite website has more than that much likes Evolution Of Fortnite Players Season 0: Bots Season 1: Trash Cans Season 2: Noobs Season 3: Bad Season 4: Ok Season 5: Decent Season 6: Good Season 7: Pros Season 8: Tryhards Season 9: Sweats Season 10: Insane Season 1 Chapter 2: Literal Gods Watch at 0, the days when you didnt have to build like a giraffe having a seizure and just enjoy playing a simple game, and me and my friends would be laughing so hard we couldnt breathe, one thing we all know everyone that played back then (3 years ago).

I love this song i cant stop watching :) Im seeing a lot of people nostalgic about the good old days, i want the old one back, it becomes ruined? For games like call of duty i would go with console as the games were clearly designed to be played on them, people would see if he has aimbots or wallhack.

nostalgic vibes Love how everyones coming back to feel the nostalgia even if its 4 years later Ah.

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