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Fyree Ventureland no way cdn was AWESOME Or Minecraft players that need attention TheGAMER64 X YOU NEED TO GET LOST TRYING TO SAY MINECRAFT IS BAD. sucks we cant play them anymore Its because warzone is so much more fun than fortnite especially playing with friends I find it the regular map too big and slow paced in my opinion but I love the rebirth map Yall stay complaining about sweats get better dont get mad that they progressed and you didnt they actually put time and dedication to this game.

It never says how long it just says the past Yeah but who feels nostalgia for something that happened really recently You are talking about fortnite nostalgia while others are talking about Minecraft nostalgia Plus fortnite is a one year old game so its not a game old enough for you to have nostalgia your right im sorry but that is not enough its still not a old game Fortnite was developed around somewhere in 2011 but the game is 3 years old since it came out in Im not a Fortnite fan boy Im a half-life fan boy I remember when the game was simple and enjoyable now its just be a sweat or quit AlexProGG and they wont even give a legendary skin for free but apex does Frost Fangs the legendary skins suck anyways DisasterouslyDonna hell yeah DisasterouslyDonna rynx is vanoss you know Im 100 aware of that.

I like H20 deliriouss part if anything he is my favorite part of it (aside from fabvl) but what makes it the best is when he laughs at the end of his part He is a maniac Is it weird that i still remember the lyrics of by heart 4years later Still get goosebumps when fortnite comes damn I just got reminded of this song and the amount of nostalgia is upsetting fam Man I miss this man, but thats a universal thing everyone says. Existing for people to reflect back on.

this is cringe.

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