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Xxgravedigger Fox only if ur good, the games a lot harder since literally everything has been nerfed to be balanced(unplayable). 2 years ago, we sat in a row at the back of the class and all watched fortnite on our phones and joked about how we would play like him when we got home.

This isnt old enough to make veteran discount jokes Man what happened in these two years Bro late night sessions screaming with the boys. people didnt like it because it was really popular, or 18? I dont like how there creating new skins with different body types Nathyn Weinmann your just hurting my brain now Bro my Fortnite account got scammed and I exposed the guy in a vid My most memorable season in fortnite is season 7.

And console has controller input lag that really effects building FrostyGaming - Clash of Clans Base Designs everyone saying controller is harder is insane lmaoo playing with no aim assist and the ability for kids to build this insanely makes the game so much harder. And hear we are now: When the game was a king you know me Steady shot it was a OG, but I didnt know it actualy was him.

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