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A LOT and the game was way better back then. Everything in the game has changed, you are not alone, this song still hits, iconic, just depends on which direction the bus takes He probably had a bunch of people he knows switch their servers to eu or something less populated than the US and intentionally push him. Just my opinion tho! AngelMelly Keep it up. I guess chapter 2 is were it is?

Ceez was still the best I come back to this song once in a while and just listen to it. Pov: You come back to chill and remember the good old times ­ The sounds are like ASMR to my ears its so nostalgic Bruh, were all nostalgic for the og days John Gilbert yeah but Im more on a sniper Why do you even care about this anymore Vqsf doesnt seem like its a waste of time Damien Gibson you said 2 hours ago true now youre saying he sucked Damien Gibson youre just copying what the other dude said Delirious isnt a silent person he had a part to do and he did it right Ikr especially the website channels that make bad vids for money and clickbait like clip channels ­­ im literally crying listening to this such a good game turning into garbage and i use to be the happiest little boy when this came out where did the time go­­­ Enrique Orozco me to Then peploe just begin to tryhard├ Enrique Orozco hopefully with the new season itll be better but Ive REALLY enjoyed the new season yes its gotten stale but most of the season Ive been enjoying it soooo much and this is easily the season I got the my most win 20ish Reedzy yeah now the game isnt fun, 5-9 u r t r a s h k h e d Nah stared to go bad in season 4, its Delirious, storm was slower people stayed alive more.

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