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I miss old Fortnite and tilted towers :( Tilted Towers one of the best place to land­ I got 34 no cap I got 34 kills NO CAP 3 years later and now fortnite is fucked up. Listened to this all the time when it first came out and fortnite was really fun back then, we all probably played this game at some point in its prime.

old fortnite from to mid October then the bad chapter 2 3:35 Back when fortnite was a stream sniper When its and u randomly remember all the lyrics 2:11 is what 50 of viewers came for Epic games did not destroy fortnite try hards did I really enjoyed it on the first 4 seasons I miss season 4 the other seasons were sht Theamazinggamer -_- not really the worse were Dakotaz and H20 fortnite sounds like he doesnt want anything to do with this Boi its only 2 years old wdym Ôas a kidÔ ItsSpectrum these songs.

There are multiple stairs in the Battle Royale of Fortnite and stairs is one of them. i feel you bro ahahaha ManTV99 Studio how are u in the top coment I feel you. Im sorry that players arent people that look at walls. Got inspired to play the game and I altf4ed after 15 minutes I was actually one of the people he killed and remember saying this guy is good.

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