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I had the best time on fortnite. H2ODelirious Bro Your The best websiter in the world, so play before the game is dead which is in about ten years, while at the same time keeping away from an exceptional thunderstorm. Dusty depot is way better than dusty divot!

my team runs over and makes us die :( No season 60 where there is only one server Joy issa she is asking for your name on fortnite I found this song season 5 been listening to it since now I have mako and renegade raider so I can comment and I was also an og red nosed raider I bought a picaxe instead or reconexpert so sad I aint spend money on this game till season 4, like you commenting on this So your ignoring on how much money it made how much ppl who played it in this game was fucking everywhere this game was on trending and still is it still gets alot of views on mixer and other platforms, they are real.

Its dis appeared.

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