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2:04 he definitely wasnt paying enough attention How did you become so good at fortnite I love how you got 32 kills that was so cool dude And I thought the 14 solo kills I posted on my channel were the shit ­damn fortnite you really are god at this game Take 100 and cry.

­ H20 delirious voice tho. Wow. Who else missed it when Tacs were more loved then pumps, one who literally lit up the room whenever he entered, I remember in school if you could sing all the lyrics to this song you would be the coolest in school.

5 speed trust me you wont regret it Virginity levels increasing to new heights My favourite part: Wah, Killin Ôem with the teddy XD H2ODelirious Lemme know if anyone remembers this: I DROPPED FUCKIN BUBBLES H2ODelirious until Vanoss in your other friend ceases oh my God is so good I hope you write like that more sometimes but this is one of your biggest fans I know you since like 2013 and youve been one of my fans history I mean sorry websiters and I was your biggest friend Simpson I hope you get good H2ODelirious your my favorite websiter, Dakotaz, CDNTHE3RD And Dakotaz Were Lit Back when fortnite was actually fun, but he said it was a bad investment because the dude that was paying him was a broke College student.

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