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how much I miss these times Man, cheaters, you are a legend, adding to the need to get going, always remembered The memories that this song brings are so good, the aim smoothing from using the controller is disgusting compared to mouse Naja.

This brings back some hard nostalgia This game would be masterpiece if it stayed like this Let be honest when this song dropped it was on fire It has been 3 years but i still know the lyrics of this song This song is still LIT , map was better and it was just Alround good, now im a junior in high school and havent touched the game since early After 2 years I still remember the words When I was 5 I always used to listen to this The good old days that we are never getting back The fact that they sped up the building part I remember all the lyrics after 3 years I still love playing this game but its a different game now, now theres to many sweats in the game.

when times were better. One of the best website out there. Cause youre the best I like how you said in the beginning of your fortnite career that u dislike the sniper :D Bro. Fantastic.

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