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Nah the game just got shit updates and it got boring Sweats wouldnt be a thing if they added turbo building The only reason sweats are good is because of turbo building lmao Fortnite WAS a good game until season 5 then it became shit It isnt as good but its still relevant lol Dazem its the most irrelevant thing ever Yeah it is but people still find it somehow fun Ddf fdfd if people find it fun then they are weird Dazem Fortnite isnt the most popular game?

Just get good at the hame Napsi is totally a 15 year old fortnite sweat getting mad when someone talks shit abt his game So many ppl play for the money in cash cups now? when to run? Miss the days when fn was good and this banger was released the nostalgia made memoris flood in fortnite saying Its Game Time still hits after 4 years Now thisā this was when Fortnite was simple, that was a long time ago and Fortnite is just sad to see now I salute for the old tomes and the times i listened to this first time They Talk About My Snipes -Legend Dakotaz This brung a tier to my eye because I know I will never play fortnite like this again.

Tbh I think fortnite ruined their own game. RIP!

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