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He posted about it numerous times as well. Rip my black knight. Thank you fortnite for making amazing content. My Name Pete RIP somewhere I didnt care about My Name Pete the king on dusty devin My Name Pete he only said dusty not dusty depot Dont care u noob the dude can jus hand cannon u Delirious army for liiiiiiiiifffffffeeeee His mic is so different now, I have no feeling of nostalgia anymore.

I would get like 3 or 4 kill solo win : Leo Santani Im lucky if I even get that­ Mines would be 0 KILL SOLO LOSS KILLED BY SMG That would be missing the joy of being killed every 2min BUSH CAMP GAMEPLAY (INTENSE) (GONE WRONG) 8 kill Solo Loss with Scar Rpg sniper purple tac ­ Leo Santani if I was a streamer the title would be Ô1 KILL SOLO.

Good times. Und bin hier um es zu vergleichen­ Hes not as good, u probs just got bored.

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