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:) I do to o wish epic would actually listen to the community Yeh he is getting down while lazerbeam and fresh are coming up Not dying but a lot of content in one channel, Myth and more are not playing the game so much anymore because off too many sweats with skillbased matchmaking :( Well its not just that. 4 years later and i still know every word fortnite: Im dancing on top of you Also fortnite: Reports players for dancing on him.

Been 4 years and still listening to this, Dakotaz have it away, S9 killed you. Pump R. The 10 year old kids in creative who say no earnings yet havent played a tourney Remember when you would squad up with the bois and just do memes and now its deep breathing into a mic and full of toxic people I mean its fifty fifty cuz that was the last best season ngl No Im talking like the last best season before well it started to becoming less fun I think the game started to die out in season 8 but I remember coming back from school just dying to hop into squads with my friends I quit fortnite last year but I used to be addicted to it when it was good I remember watching this getting realest it was hit I loved it but fortnite just got soo boring for me so I quit last year I started playing in February or season 3 When i was reading this it was sining the part when he says trash Can you please stop fighting with people just because of games its not their fault for liking a game I loved the first one when it came out and then completely forgot about it.

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