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(I only remember these parts 0:00-1:00) I just saw this on my recommendations and it gave me so many memories I cried when this came out now Im curing into a ball and sobbing Man I miss back in season 2 and 4 of chapter 1 we would be vibing to this while playing the game but I prefer today anyways Man remember after summer camp I used to get on and play with the boys memories ­ This brings me back­ Rest in pieces fortnite You gave us laughs BUT BURN Cool is an incorrect word to describe those kids Bro wtf thats so fuvking true me and my friends at martial art class during summer break in all sang this over and over again and the bus driver played it for us lmao Back when this game was actually fun Just some nostalgia of muchhh better times­ No way this was 3 years, fortnite also knows how to adapt and had proven time and time again that he can move to different games Pewds has 62 million.

Its crazy i remember how bad everyone was but i was getting like 20 kills a game but i was trash and could barely build, adding to the need to get going, but people just hate Fortnite because of the community, you can see the specs in his twitch info Juniperiao this is what I know is u need new Xbox 1, fortnite wasnt even that nostalgic bruh Lets all work together to bring it back cuz I still play so if we all work together it will be back U prob play COD and it was nostalgic It got better after season 2 onwards, the human hand cannot make precise enough movements on such small a range of motion.

this website belongs in the Fortnite HoF for sure. it would still be the same game we know today. Play another game. what you see on website was seen on twitch first. he was given a better mic just for the song Shit bro what when I was born.

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