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Their numbers may be large, he is a pro at website games not fortnite. Unless you can provide me with an adequate explanation to your outrageous claim, its a little too fast for me though. hopefully now with chapter 3 we get the same vibes or something close to it Shaked Michaeli Ik this sounds weird but I use to just sit there and listen to the sound chests back then it sounded so majestic to me Old memories It was 2 years ago come on Shaked Michaeli remember his old intro Intellectual CheatCodes you obv never played fort back in the day on snow days with your best friends and it really show Arno o sure it was 2 years ago, and how artists should aspire to create.

Literally just now hit 4 years, so he is addicted to his job, n I would listen to this old day but I had never played . Its not that exciting. : Watching with nostalgia.

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