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0 with old map too look at fn twitter Literally cant play one game without getting pissed off, eating and playing. AFTER it was just boring exept some exeptions! Daredevil Gamez I have your picture as my school picture lol Steven Of Unicorn Land its actually CDN not Cnd and i still think h20 wins BloodyDevil225 _Gaming he is the best He my favorite out of all them Drnkie I just left the stream haha coming now I didnt know that your brother also sings as well he play Drnkie yeah them 5 seconds of photoshop sure payed off Its so sad that almost everybody doesnt know the guy who write this comment :( It aint that hard to make it look easy STOP fanboying fortnite for everything Both of them were cringy with their voice Who else Im watching this 2 years later to just see how bad the game has gotten Who misses season 1,2 and my best season 3 Delirious sounds like goku mixed with pennywise HOLY SHIEET WAIT, its 3 years old  Starraider bro i meant Like those fn kids who started playin like these days Im 8 I started playing when I was five I watched this a day after it was released so yea your probably like 8 too i dont Evan know if you started in season 6 chapter 2 you just saw that its old Wait WHAT.

The beautiful past that is no longer If fortnite was actually good at the game you could put any gun in his hand and its gamete lol Dont care what anyone says this shit is still legendary Ill be waiting in the bush when you walk by :) WELCOME TO THE 10 MILLION CLUB. dont know why ths comment has 1k lkes Well it really isnt the worst game by far rn so were stuck ببم م When Ligma Boi wasnt some douche who reports someone who knew how to play.

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