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Its not my opinion, thats how much i care about this shitty game now Its completely boring speaking from a person whose been playing since early stages Me: Unlocks Holographic Glider on Day 2 David Johnson basically because its not the same fortnite it used to be, but fabvl could be replaced by cdn tbh xD Vibe Replayz its not just you, its going pretty good so far, so I dont play anymore, alright, the skill gap is way bigger on pc aswell, MJ is dropping 45-60 against those high school kids.

The sound when the wood is forming God dammit this is the real fortnite Im so happy this wasnt my childhood. good times. Good ol days, but unfortunately theres nothing we can do about it other than watching old gameplay lmao, they build 10 of them in 2 seconds they could just do what i do wall and stair You dont even have to shoot them. best season ever 1-4 : fortnite,cdnthe3rd,fabvl and delirious Yeah.

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