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Why cant Fortnite go back to the good old days He be like:5 kills in a solo squad match yeah thats nothing im going to eat something me in a 4 kill ordinary solo match: sweats af and almost has an infarct Crazy how easy those kids are compared to todays sweats­ i coulda became big too if i played then­ Nowadays: ÔCRACKED CRACKED CRACKED!!. just coz something is more of a negative comment does not mean its a hate. That means something Well, jai jamais vu ├a, and that laugh of yours that make me smile at the end­ Delirious im a huge,huge fan of yours ÔYou can look around but youll never find me!!Ô H2ODelirious You totally won,Id vote for you if I had a Twitter account, you are a legend.

This is my type of asmr. Neither is anyone else that walks upon this earth, but a simply basic past, I still play pretty competitive Fortnite but I just miss the old days It would be way better if it werent so competitive Its not the game, so it deals more damage The burst is better for long ranges.

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