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The best all-time games, I still play every once a while but its not that fun anymore Looking back. no hate btw Im just saying that every game has its downfall so ya shouldnt be so surprised that its not any fun anymore Mac_ Playz101 everyone knew there would be a downfall but were just sad thats its here Aka Frosty every games downfall comes without warning Edit: or not Mac_ Playz101 but everyone sorta knew it would die like you said every game has a downfall we just didnt know when Bruh fr.

Atleast i wasnt the only one who thought this And it was so crinjy to listen to him. TheRadBradRoo yyyyyyuueeeeeeeeeeeesssssss Heck yeah it was IM PART OF THE DELIRIOUS ARMY TheRadBradRoo yes the XD clasic delereas TheRadBradRoo his part wasnt even that good tf TheRadBradRoo yes it was vanoss crew for life Hold up every body be quite we dont want the enemy see me when Im hiding.

i mis old fortnite season 2 or 3 Im still watching in i first watched in Thanks for ending my suffering faster Reece SMASHES its the cringiest,so many parts of the song are cringe af IKR HE WAS MY FAVE AFTER HALO AND fortnite!.

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