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Jesus what has this game become now I was nine waching this i miss it so much I think hes playing against little kids which is why it seems like he so good.

Still not clicking on youre website though. Thank you for having me on again, 11k is all i get now I didnt know of him until season 6 so gonna have to disagree No im pretty sure the game made him more popular AdRevenue Pls he did not make the game popular the game made him popular Malicious Cheese actually that is wrong.

I think ceez was the best Ayyyyeeee my boy CDNTHE3RD killllled it lets goooo boy fortnite can talk shit bc he is the best Listen at 1? XD I satrted playing in season 3 (og) and when you have been througha game and spent so much time and had such high hopes for it, sponsors.

I thought it was barely a year. FabvL u were my favorite for the song I got your bars in my head all the time FabvL OMG love youre bit it was obviously the best‚‚‚ Hey bro get amazing fortnite stickers at feebly.

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