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Smh Nija not the best I dont play anymore but I remember all of these lyrics No you cant, not facts ) Im dying of cringe please make it stop Hrhrh D,xkkxkxkx if you think every verse is cringe then why are you here CDN AND TIMTHETATMAN MY FAVORITE YEET True, hes such an epic gamer My favorite one was blevins.

But yeah, battle passes and fortnite made skins and themed skins When you watch it in for nostalgia for when you watched it when it came out and it still fire Im sorry to inform you that i am one of those players you would call sweats Not trying to flex but now I just get 30 bombs and high solo kill games but I just go like eh or ight Im off but before 10 kills I would be like YOOOOOO Im so good I miss this man so fucking much Darkwolf Predator I guess you play pubg Gott JUbam I was waiting for someone to say that They took the battlepass idea from another game and made it there own.

Pros are players who are just good at the game. Thats for you H20 :) Like if you with team H20 :D Or comment if you like anyones bit I remember when this first came out when Fortnite was fun Finthechatbois Ahh back when I played fortnite and the game was good Fabvl and Halocene and fortnite are the good rappers I am a dragonball fan and never realised that fuck me Night Xide then you have to be a 5yr old to like this Mitchell Davis you can roast oh and learn your grammar Its high Noon!.

I feel like if they brought back og sounds and got rid of all the ai, mobile wasnt hard it was fun, Chapter 3 is pretty fun so far though) Im 14 now but those where some great times 15 in a month I was younger then it was something magical I still play sometimes but just miss the old seasons We still say that but I am still sad that we cant get back to this Fortnite Not a boy a girl my friend is lazabem and I am a pro Unless someone were to remake the game entirely but change the build mechanics.

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