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Is so amazing bro Man i never knew how much i loved the old fortnite and watching the old website of the og map This is the definition of the good old days Back when I watched fortnite and enjoyed his content The perfect streaming website doesnt exi- Theres no way he doesnt take fall damage at 7:05 Ahh The good old days of Fortnite Miss that!.

Nothing will ever be greater than og fortnite and that is a solid fact. Hes spouting Bullshit Mounir ITA99 he killed 40 of the people in the game wtf Ive seen so many streams in tilted made two years ago Tfue was better than both of them at that time but he wasnt known Both fortnite and myth less than average and not competitive Tfue was jack tenneys brother and at that time all he did was flips and crazy stuff RaVe X Akimbo wasnt tryna make u laugh ­ Azhar07 and I wasnt asking u to be cringe but yet u did it RaVe X Akimbo I didnt ask you for your opinion and your calling me cringe when you make Fortnite vids­ When u watch fortnite its fine but if others do it you call them cringe Nice OK maybe not, battle royale had no LTMs, their team gets a victory royale every single time Vlad Dobrota it would be called Delirious Army!!!!, when season 6 started I told my friend that there is a game named fortnite play it it is so much fun we played with each other at first we didnt know how to add each other but then we knew after that seasons 7 8 9 10 were very very very fun but when chapter 2 came I started being bored from the game cause the most of the game are bots and if u find a real one!

If I ever got the chance I would definitely go back to these seasons Dude this is a banger I remember hearing this everyday with my cousin Only the real gamers know this song by heart Bro i remember coming back from school the day this came out and listening to it 247 Im back after 3 years. Nostalgia hit me so hard when I first heard this song it was early season 3 or something I love this i keep waching it over and over I Love this Song this Song give me the OG feeling back­­­ Next time with Myth and Daequan pls but however it was sick I miss when this game was Fortnite and not fortnite featuring marvel, Hell Yea I remember Dusty Ishandeep Singh It was honestly my favorite place, with all my friends, and nostalgic memories as well, because his fans like the one he uses now, and even the game itself.

Lol Neiluss Byla so relax pewdiepie got 62 for uploading memes :v Avrio no, Ive just gotten better like chill Back when the game was actually good.

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