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Still an amzing game kid and tons of gppd updates. Grappler is in-game now. If you say devious is bad no you are Legend has is delirious is still relevant Lol im a fan of delirious and i was still watching him since he had 100k subs and my parents were in dubai and when they came back i saw that delirious had 11 million subs lol Catacalistic every website he uploads is always in the top 10 trending for gaming so thats a pretty big deal to say hes not relevant.

Amazing times! Im from poland, we used to walk on water like we were walking on eggs. They should do a comp mode like r6 overwatch rocket league etc because only real shit people play unranked and quick play so I think a proper competitive game mode with an skill rating system would be better Now I feel bad for going into bot lobbies sometimes This was when fortnite was good back in the day.

Ninjturtleman I think we can all agree in the inside that more than half of the Fortnite player base are adolescent.

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