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But remember, the last one alive wins. Ive watched clips but never played. nobodys jealous Or people who think the song is cringy af I dont have to pay for pubg cause I play on mobile Dghyvhdyh - yea that too I play both games Fortnite is so much better than pubg and every other games YEET Ummmm.

MilkCow come on man dont spoil the moment Omg epxosed nijna big noob hakcer :((( Autocorrect wouldnt correct youre because its not an incorrect word but nice try ;) Not knowing how auto correct works in. 7:40 good job 1_egg (killfeed) 9:10 is 1_eggs downfall. 0 but you will have had to play in that season so if you started in season 4 you cant get season 1-3 maps.

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