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Nick Hunter like they need to fix that Lucas Vinje obviously if we are talking who had the verse in terms of like a real rap verse it was ceez plus he wrote his lyrics himself KAPKAN RUSSIAN MAIN yah i was going to say them but that is most of them Pink Ribbon she does website to so šš Rage_Salty Yt hi what are you doing this is me and you it I landed at dusty depot tho most but factorys was my second place to go. Alxander Spetz lmao same here though. Also theres people who have skins but arent good at playing Wizard Wizard āprofessionalā lmfao no HYPE HD more damage if u have rlly good aim He said he likes he feeling of the burst in stream HYPE HD the burst is my favorite I take a rare burst over an epic scar anyday but thats cuz Im literally a god with a burst HYPE HD it triggered me when i seen him leave that blue ar for the burst Burst best weapon in the game dont me HYPE HD The burst fires 3 shots quicker than the AR which makes it a good weapon to juggle the pump shotgun with.

the good times I get chills just remembering memories of the good old days š Deliriouss verse is just the best imo 3 years later and fabvl still rockin it Lets be honest, I have no feeling of nostalgia anymore. This song is still a banger. And im upset that i didnt bought Renegade Raider. Games can be over like a flash or on the other hand, but something changed, and you wrote something like Fun fact: You didnt search for this Im pretty sure that was the original comment and ur just trolling Frost_I its just 1k likes and you obviously said who else got this in there recommended or like if you live old fortnite ur a like begger and its only 1k likes Lmao Chr Gav read my comment again (i felt like) People are so stupid but fast to comment Chr Gav he means that the people in the server were teaming up and trying to kill fortnite.

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