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Travis scot one just felt boring Its crazy what 2-3 years can really do I do to, I typed in 2-3 cause I wasnt sure so bye little kid Bye little kid lmao well at least you fixed your comment. Can we take take a moment to appreciate ât_eggâ in the kill feed for absolutely owning the entire first half of the game I also think he had the best weapons: The sniper and rocket launcher for power The pump shotgun for just easy kills An explosive for extra strength and the burst for regular battles I swear its people like fortnite who make me realize how much further I need to progress when it comes to this game Man I miss this game when it was actually fun This is put as an achievement by website as the most viewed gaming website this year, you should overcome the other 99 web-based players in the game.

P moisty R. Good ol days LolbitGaming76 exactly Im not a 9 year old American kid who thinks hes good but Them lot are complaining about it to much man its the whole point to get good at a game HS Mefoo its not racist when its a fact mate HS Mefoo and you explain how âits racistâ HS Mefoo coz mate it really isnt its a fact HS Mefoo Lol and it actually isnt when its a fact gimme your discord lemme pattern you HS Mefoo a little squeaker thinking he know.

I have a strong feeling that we will have the old map back someday, and theres so much more out there in life than fortnite lol A.

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