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Its been so long still the second best fortnite song you made dancing on your body was the best Im back on the 3 year anniversary and damn i wish I could go back My favorite rapper in this song is fortnite because hes so good and he has bars This could possibly be the best song ever created fortnite: shoot a rocket and pop a mini at the same time me:i believe that is called hacking fortnite 4 years later and I sill remember the lyrics.

I really do love this song and I truly do believe that fortnite is the Messiah and is actually a descendent of King David himself.

Its sad to see this came out 3 years ago tho time really moves fast And then i proceeded to kill him bc friendly fire was still on I am starting to build skybase in arena mode with my friends again and we are accually getting those 0 kill wins­ It remains the same, but Minecraft could eventually get more downloads than fortnite, I get hyped over 1 kill :D I get hyped when i am in 99th place Most kills i have got is 3, every single time I hear it.

Matronix itd be a little less than that. Final para mi mas inesperado ­­­­­­­­­ The first time i watched this vid, but it will be the closest we can get This brings back good memories. EARRAPE INTENSIFIES Dakotaz not only hes good at sniping i am to Rt godd lamo why are people hating on other people Someone season 4 ruined everything.

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