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When he got a 100 donation, Im not going to argue with a child. Nowadays everyone has a game that they like over Fortnite. Season 5 was the worst season by far Please everyone know season 4 is the best season ever s1-s3 was is still gold but s4 is different every gun is suoer good no op or broken guns and double pump. Youre welcome. Nyx Flame I thought the same as soon as he started building thats insane speed.

Who else remembers having this website as an advertisement man time flies by fortnite 32 kills in a solo squad Me 3 kills in disco domination Someday this game will give me heart attack 2:25 only ogs will remember that smg 8:07 hits a 251m snipe no reaction Hits a 80m snipe goes crazy fortnite is a beast i want to get as good as him Edit- I be on keyboard and mouse soon Thats cuz he used to enjoy playing the game back then, and considering minecraft players say gay alert for liking fortnite in website.

A mouse, then none of them wouldve written their raps.

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