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Dont know about the others though. p lil kev Dusty was my favorite place u could land there and grab a nice grey pump and kill people with no guns and leave there with 32 health a green ar, but then I remember the sweaty 9 year olds and the map was completely changed, when or where tho, so much more fast and intense and fun Well I dont and wont miss that 55 sniper shot when fortnite was fighting players at loot lake I just miss the old skins?

I dont think people unironiclly like this Henrik persom the like button begs to differ I ironically like this garbage. Now: this is artš Still coming back here in. I do not think he was called in to participate. Then i realized it was mine 100 percent Fortnite Fortnite lets go Same but fortnite at the bottom and Dakota is above cdnthe3rd Legend loki people got mad at me for having that opinion.

The game just got boring.

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