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Man this game was good in its golden days Watching this makes me feel like its again I miss fortnite old gaming room and his old music I remember when I was so excited to see fortnite upload 16:48 he dodged the bullet in real life I miss that season, you can see the specs in his twitch info Juniperiao this is what I know is u need new Xbox 1, it all becomes second nature with a little practice.

nostalgic. Nerd out I loved your part and delirious H2ODelirious the best websiter and rapper. Any body watching this it chapter 2 season2 Bro I got sad remember those moments Yeah it hits harder for how literally trash and cringe it is. Good times now the 10 years old kids with 90 Ikr It was fun cuz nobody knew how to build back in season 2 Lol YGuy1 if its better now pleases tell me the time in season 2 when people were doing 90s and building fucking sky scrapers with WiFi Jaciel Hernandez seasons 1-5 were elite seasons.

The guy had to have known it was against the rules, Minecraft has more active players than Fortnite right now Wow chapter 3 season one and Im still listening I would anything to go back to these days.

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