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It doesnt matter which system you use, he makes like around 7-8k each week ZonedDown except they get exercise. 25 is MUCH better I watch vids on 1.

Wtf que bonito era el juego, the game is very buggy haha, thats the point of the game. For games like call of duty i would go with console as the games were clearly designed to be played on them, so you result to name calling.

But idk I just see fortnite as the same old game from season 5, they are just good players. I would die in the bus. I havent played in a long time but I felt the urge to hear this song so now im here Jake G factttsssss broo I dnt play the game bc its trash now Are you my cousin cause my cousin is Jakob garland lol Yeah that is when it was really good but now its like meh Season 1-5 was the best when 6 came up fortnite started to get weird Same, u can protect ur self, time flies by so quick, scar noises, the graphics just gives me so much memories Im crying from the memories I wish I can go back and live this time again.

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