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Well Season 9 : bruh played a bit and was the worst season by far. Cant stray from something that doesnt exist Xenokio I dont blame you, not his best game in Fortnite DooM Netj has world record for highest kills in solo squads so I dont think fortnite has no competition so there is no reason you should be able to automatically assume hes the best. I now dont play couse idk but i was playing from 1 to 14 seasons Im wanted in the state of South Dakota for pre-meditated vehicular manslaughter If you were why would you tell me then go to the police then A 1 year old that plays with Barbies when your a bou Yes im an OG and I miss the good times ): i am season 2 player but idc about your comment Yeah, fresh and many more, hopefully it doesnt turn into a naruto Ariana grande mega collab with walking bananas The old sounds and drinking posions brings back the old days when fortnite was fun After watching old website i think game has a lot changes and improvement, like season 1 or 2.

CDN is no longer the king of dusty :( rip dusty Mann i really used to listen to this shit 3:02-3:04 shes way to fast at building Cant believe I listened to this in elementary school somehow. We need more of this types of website!!!.

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