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Im watching at mars. You can buy V-Bucks for cash or procure more V-Bucks by means of purchasing a season fight pass, Ill put him in between Nerdout and fortnite. Rip fortnite one day you will come back to those days Dont judge me just bc im crying for a game Wish fortnite can atleast bring the old map back The game became like fifa (that i am a top 200 player) that skill gap from a pro and a casual player is huge please epic fix that game and dont act like ea One day fortnite will be just like fortnite in Btw i watch your vids there good keep up the good work also you famous Thank you man but unfortunately I quitđ Even if they add the old map, but now its just a sweaty mattress THE FACT THAT I SING THIS SONG BACK THEN AND PLAYED IT ON MY PARENTS CAR AND PLAYED IT LOL I swear on my life that exact thing that just happend IF YOU PUT A SCAR INMY HAND THENITS GAME TGIME!!!!.

Agaar master mira lolito llego a 30 pero sin embargo en todas las otras partidas coje mĂs kills q fortnite CuĂl es la canciĂn que usa de fondo cuando estĂ jugando Agaar master se hizo 32 en el modo de 20v20 SI LOLITO ES MEJOR QUE fortnite!!!!!!.

i liked the old game better, etc.

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