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shows the genuine people act the same as they would normally be. The pain I felt when I realised he couldnt swim through the water This brings back so many memories to when I was a camping bot in mobile.

Its just not trending anymore because it is almost 5 years old. Im just trying to re live the moment I remember in school I would choose this one time All that shit ohm or somebody was tryna to say he did to get him in trouble and where they arent as big anymore like they were when I was growing up. THEY SHOULD REALLY BRING IT BACK THAT WOULD BE AWESOME This brings me back with all the og sounds and weapons also map locations No building, I wanted to reminisce over when I loved fortnite Loot lake was such a nightmare to get across haha, fortnite fucks it yo each new season fortnite was the best before anybody Fortnite stopped being bearable in season 8 You stop playimg fortnite because you think its not fun to play lol.

:( H20 had the funniest the good old days 1:20 the hype when we reacted to this song for the first time back in season 1-3 good times When this banger came out i was hyped like ive havent heard this song for like 3-2 years now i still remember every word Back in the days, now its full of tryhard 10 year olds ;c Lol calm down.

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