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Now these days theirs only 12 year olds who are very competitive. Yo de hecho eso subo :v AleexSniper como te llamas en freefire AleexSniper mi r├cord es de 27 baja soy muy bueno Descargate el pubg mobile es mejor :v Season 3-6 is nostalgia for me now its just Reagan Before, I miss when I saw the whole lobby full with default skins and when they danced the default dance all the time­ Lool h20 voice is so weird when is clear with a good microfone, and metal Christian Acosta i would say hes got 10x the kills youve ever gotten but 0x10 0 so i cant.

­ THIS was fortnite now theres rick and morty in the battle pass I miss when fortnite wasnt for six year olds When fortnite wasnt so toxic and didnt get hate­ Back when fortnite was good and TikTok didnt exist :) Back when fortnite was fortnite, is one, now its just a bunch of tryhard builders and marvel skins running around so incredibly sad to see Played the new fortnite, I think u mean half a decade Facts like we only feel emotion when we get 20 bombs Cowel Benja: well yeah nowadays because everybody is a bot I drop 13 kills usually without try Harding its actually sad YOU STOLE A COMMENT.

in warzone you can do a couple of contracts and then buy a loadout But u still die in like 5 seconds to campers using aug or mac10 Mac 10 is not as good and ppl arent camping as much Maybe in your lobbies but I have so many its kind of annoying dont get me wrong warzone is fun but apex is more balanced the only problem being 3rd parties thats why its better You got to remember in three years kids playing the game will look at a song at this time and say its Og my advice to you is play the game if you like it still or move in go cry in a corner if u want to get nostalgic over something 3 years ago Its ruined now.

FORTNITE FORTNITE LETS GO I GET IT ALL NIGHT ALL NIGHT FOR SURE IM ON THAT FORTNITE FORTNITE LETS GO IM ON THAT ALL NIGHT ALL NIGHT FOR SURE Remeber when you got exited when you got a kill back then. And im upset that i didnt bought Renegade Raider?

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