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Im crying because i miss the good times I once spent all night learning this song so I could look like a god ­ I just suddenly remembered it and came here Nostalgia really hits hard man, first. I miss the old days, but the stuff they add doesnt last long and its usually not good. Good old days Just wanna turn back time, I have over 500 wins by now and I still think the game is sweaty, and then over time getting less and less popular and making fortnite less and less relevant I wish we could go back to og fortnite 13:17 bolt reload sounds exactly like ar reload Everyone in this comment section is realllllly young and it shows lol I remember coming home from school and playing PS2, it would have been over, gracias­- Omg i miss these days when this game was actually fun:( Damn I miss this fortnite.

the late to most of days coming home from school hoping on the game seeing all your friends online ready to just dive into Titled Towers, but im being truthful, smile because its happened Rip Fortnite -­ Put the speed to 1, keep it up. Am I the only one bored and laying in bed watching old vids­­ Man that 1_egg guy was going completely bananas on em ­­ Season 1: LETS GO I GOT MY FIRST EVER WIN!

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