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your not alone. Just a good song and idiots come along and judge it. Great job I was expecting a 20 kill game from the title but he really dropped 7 Youre the reason I took a liking to this insane game Glad to see you having fun again My question is why sell hoodies for headphones on the outside but still wear them on the inside remember watching Fortnite in the early seasons of fortnite :( Fortnite you are literally the best!

Yeah definetly Cuz he has so many wins and he has a lot more skill. Best stream of fortnite in fortnites history Back when people used to actually shoot instead of building the eiffel tower That purple tac, nr kan du jag kan nu i helgen och idag (fredag) om du kan yani I do man i remember my first win even, i would play fortnite the whole day.

Youre an inspiration! No they dont its just so ppl are bad and cant take kill the pros im not saying ur bad Lol not talking shit but it does sound like ur bad but there is a lot of tryhards Tryhard no I dont play that game anymore its getting boring First of all i aint a kid second of all my pc is gona becuz i destroyed it i could play from my friends pc but idk if he gona let me play Rain Fox you only hatin cause you aint him?

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