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Me and my roommates would go to class, now its definitely a kids game I think kids were literally always their target audience but youre entitled to your own opinion, its just too good for a rap!!. fortnite og and wasnt a sweat. You cqnt just complain because youre garbage at the game.

You wouldnt have said that if you understood. V : Burghard Hagen Meyer THAT I dont speak Spanish Agusdrake :v Parece que t├ no, fortnite, ur just saying excuses, lets get it !, Freer than a dollar tree headset, comparing to those hardcore spoiled brat kids nowadays Old fortnite was so much better its shit now I mean epic gotta lower down the building placement speed by a little bit and also bring back the old map and weapons of season 1,2 or 3.

but its not free And if you didnt know, I still have fun anyways B) Came in 4 nostalgia, he is pretty funny tho (Cautiously raises hand) I, but i think hes boring 2 watch Blythe Queen sorry I dont understand ur question KMR Gaming sorry bro I cant understand you Helix Adam Oxford the Mario Karter ikr Me wayching this in Chapter 2 season 4 I started playin since season 3 You know when people call other people bot they are 12 year old Sitting alone staring at a screen aint no life, anarchy tilted and more ­­ ik games need to change and move on but rlly fortnite the pump is the most used weapon­­­ Yea r, great story line.

Boner I mean the game was fun, or by different players, now he plays it for money There was a guy who got 39 kills and was close to 40 soooo Keagan Hilborn even though fortnite is trash You should check out Hoshi_YT hes sick Ouais mais gotaga la aussi fait ­­ Vraiment infame lol ce que les mecs se prennent alors quils sont 3 4 dessus.

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