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ZFloichii ג Bedwars thats dope asf you speak English and German Sorry the comment was for Anidr3ams not you :) ZFloichii ג Bedwars redsama is better Anime4Life not to mention the accuracy of weapons like the burst rifle are nowhere near as good as pc Bursts take a lot more time to get used to in console definitely, hes gone too far to reach I dont really know how though, more stuff too, now people turbo build damn 90s to max height when sniped in the body once.

So happy to see you back in the game. I used to listen to the sound when u pickaxed man for some reason the sounds were way better back them Were not talking abt this fn were talking abt the old fortnite were it was having fun having to sweat and build a hotel in 1 sec just bc they shot you once Man I want them to bring back the old sounds so badly, and what the game is now I think Fortnite is still a good game whether you like it or not it is but these times are historical and one of a kind If times machines were to exist and you could only use it once.

The cried about the spaz cuz they didnt want to get one shot so Epic responds by putting trash shotguns in the game. I know all the lyrics lol DOUBLE G DOUBLE PEACE CDN but are you even good נ Double G Double peace CDNThe3rd ur the best I watch ur vids every day CDNThe3rd YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ננננננ CDNThe3rd Just another day of spitting bars.

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