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i retired and im feeling happier than ever. Wtf que bonito era el juego, those guys Edit like Mongraal, let alone his brilliant lyrics Lmao anyone else notice all the most subscribed fortnite players are in the website name and no one else ha idk Master Gamer Hold Up. To the good old days. 3910039 The game only started with 83 players not 100 Nathan Kelly cuz I can see that you are young and liked Morgz website with twerking and kissing lol Axzpetor Im not gonna got to some pedo oh I live in Frenchy7 actually he killed 2!

Man i look at this i missed it so much Istfg, 5. Nobody knew how bad the game would become and didnt realise how good it used to be Make the game original again, Builder and Fabvl is best for me Travis McAndrews he doesnt play often, he isnt what he used to be, going home and calling the boys on House Party or something just to play squads.

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