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And the fact that is has a YU GI OH reference The new can you add me on a little nuts I bet a lot of the people here talking about nostalgia are even ogs مب ب Ceez is the best out of all the people in the website what an og When there wasnt cash cups world cups FNCS sweats creative mode flexers toxicity just peacefulness OMG!!!!11 NINGA WAS OBAJHDNAKLWPOMD0OL;SY BEST Chapter 3 now quit this game about a year ago and I search up a song nothing related to this see it and I knew I had to listen to this song again this really brings back memories of the best game ever I miss these seasons Half of these people probably played in season 4, theres nothing original right now in the game bro R.

Yah but in the extinction website is a different mic from the mic that he does in solo vids. Game was so much fun back then. New seasons are awesome!. Still the best song and its chapter 3 The first thing Im going to lister to next year is going to be Nina rapping I remember sing it this 4 years ago in year 3 Chapter 2 in one verse Everyone Building ramps thats useless Im 16 now and in high school.

This IS SO GUD WHEN ITS 1? Sinto saudade de como o jogo foi.

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