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If they dont enjoy it then they can just stop playing You can now if you do squads and do dont fill you can basically do solo squads you play on boy servers kid your on mobile Bruh its easier now than ever because everyone sucks now It still is just a bit weirder and harder I get put into lobbies where there are people who dont even know what they are doing, Congrats on being successful on your funny website gaming channel.

fortnite 6. ONE SHOT ONE SHOT ONE SHOT!!!. You are so Right i love it too RadRustLord website your so right hes my fav Mi is 1-7 2-8 3-1110 4-7 5-11 6-9 7-5 8-4 9-trash MY is SEASON 1 : 8 SEASON 2 : 10 SEASON 3 : 9 SEASON 4 : 7 SEASON 5 : 6 SEASON 6 : 6 SEASON 7 : 2 SEASON 8 : 1 SEASON 9 : 3 You cant deny that the graphics got way better ever since season 1 Season 1: 6 Season 2: 8 (because I got my first solo win, fortnite nostalgia hit me harder than puberty, fortnite made this game more popular I remember where I played in season 5 and I was new to the game, i just start to play this game again at season 7 inmy free time, just reply with your username if you want V Sellin2k no it did moreš, 678 squads and I got a 29 solo win as my record, i hope they make an updated one.

Look for head and shoulder bust icon on the right side of the page.

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