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Prime Fortnite, 0 wins T-T feels bad man Back when fortnite and fortnite didnt need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to be entertaining 2:36 a grey pump did the max damage of a gold pump 2:35 when gray pump used to deal 200 Can we just take a second to realize only 82 people dropped, if so drop a fat like.

again. 22 21 it lowkey annoyed me when he would choose a burst over a AR El Barto burst is better due to the higher firerate it can be combined with more weapons 22 21 the people was poor xD or he maybe did not see a scart On his 26th kill i saw a ledandry scar but he didnt pick it up CT Gaming63 lmfao grow up. Like if u agree. Dakotaz 5.

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